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IM.Alice – Automated attendant

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IM.Alice is an advanced auto attendant application which integrates features of a VoIP or hosted PBX system. It can be configured to accept incoming calls and route these calls to designated company staff or employees by name. The application uses the latest speech technologies (TTS and ASR) and it can be configured for an automated professional business greeting for incoming calls from customers, prospects or even to easily reach collegues. IM.Alice then provides the incoming caller with various options where they can find and reach the person they need either by extension number, department, or name.



The application can also be considered as personal attendant for all the company employees, in fact IM.Alice can be used to reach through vocal commands a collegue, a detail in the personal address book or calling a generic fixed or mobile number.


Live keywords extraction from call

The aim of this call is to give a vision of how our solution can extract keywords and concepts from a live call and push information to a call-center agent or directly to the caller

Web video agent

Give to users access to INPS data using different channels, integrating many input channels (web, voice, web services)


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