A technology that lets machines understand human voice or written text, available on phones and the web. Ask us how IM Virtual Agents powered by NLU can improve customer experience.

IM.Meltemi SDP

A multi-service, multichannel Service Delivery Platform to build Telco Applications and Enterprise Solutions. Interfaces to networks and IT systems are integrated in the SDP and made available through easy-to-use objects in the IM.Meltemi Service Creation Environment as well as in VXML development tools. Able to operate in mobile and wireline networks, IM.Meltemi sits on a standard hw/sw platform based on Windows/Linux OS and off-the-shelf servers from major vendors. IM.Meltemi features a scalable, modular architecture, integrating components to build applications such as a video gateway or solutions for interactive services. Distributed and redundant configurations are available to improve system reliability and services availability. The MSDM (Multimedia Server Dual Mode) IM.Meltemi configuration option can manage connectivity to TDM, IP, IMS networks; in this way IM is able to supply to Telco carriers Solutions ready to support the migration process from TDM to IP, featuring any TDM/IP/IMS connectivity mix, even on the same server. Customer Interaction Management Solutions built on IM.Meltemi allow Telco and Enterprises to deliver to their Customers and Employees proactive, self and assisted services integrated with the most up-to-date technologies; IM grants support of speech and visual interfaces, many kinds of interaction device, multichannel and multimodal services.


Proactive Notification Multichannel outbound notification services are created using an easy-to-use web-like interface. Messages invoked by events and/or database information can be sent in the format of voice, SMS, MMS, video, fax, e-mail notifications. Outbound campaigns can be designed for one-to-one as well as one-to- many information delivery.


Contact Center IM.IPCC infrastructure Solution runs any TDM/IP connectivity mix, granting optimal call routing, also using IM.Alice, the IM auto-attendant Virtual Agent. IM.Alice uses advanced speech technologies including specialized Natural Language Understanding engines to cut call duration and service times. IM.Meltemi’s integration to IT back-end and multiservice support are among IM.IPCC features to implement Multichannel Contact Center Solutions.


Multichannel/Multimodal Self Service IM.IVVR can be configured both as Network or Enterprise Solution, playing the role of Service Node, MRF and IVVR in redundant and/or distributed high-density ports configuration. Main features: SS7 and SIP protocols are natively integrated, diverse interaction channels (voice, SMS, MMS, 3G/4G video, fax, e-mail) are simultaneously managed, speech technologies (TTS, ASR) are available as well as support of 3rd party integration with ERP, Billing, CTI, CRM applications and external databases. IM.IVVR is a complete Solution for Customer Interaction Self Service with features fully developed and owned by Interactive Media.


Live keywords extraction from call

The aim of this call is to give a vision of how our solution can extract keywords and concepts from a live call and push information to a call-center agent or directly to the caller

Web video agent

Give to users access to INPS data using different channels, integrating many input channels (web, voice, web services)


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