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IM. Multimedia Interaction Recorder

IM.MIR, Interactive Media recording Solution, is an interaction recording solution for PSTN telephony and Voice over IP; it is optimized for use in contact centers, financial institutions, and public safety organizations; based on IM.Meltemi® SDP, it offers open and flexible interfaces for seamless integration with an existing IT infrastructure within scalable, fully customizable configurations. IM.MMR can work in conjunction with an existing PABX or Contact Center to record voice and video calls, as well as any associated data.


A powerful, comprehensive Solution to capture, collect, analyze customer interactions.


Interaction recording is a necessity for businesses to ensure compliance with both external and internal regulations and procedures. Lack of or poor interaction recording can cost money to companies, damage their reputation, increase customer churn and increase fraud risks.

Recording customer interactions is a valuable tool also for:

  • Documenting verbal ordering
  • Service level verification
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Support disputes and legal actions
  • Analyze business insights for cross/up
  • selling
  • Optimize interaction processes


IM.MIR is a reliable and resilient Solution enabling businesses to document all information related to certain interactions, aimed to protect the company and mitigate its operational risk. IM.MIR is capable to capture, store and maintain customer interactions, including voice, video, text and screen activity.


Highlights of IM Multimedia Interaction Recorder

  • Benefits inherited from IM.Meltemi SDP for Contact Center and IT integration
  • Single or multi-site deployment for Telcos and Enterprises environments
  • TDM and VoIP connectivity in any mix within the same system
  • Capture of interaction info with multimedia recording and business data integration
  • Solution that fits requirements for the most demanding operations
  • Flexible recording logic driven by rule-based or on-demand modes
  • Easy adaptation to growing needs (scalability, availability, reliability)
  • Centralized administration, operation and maintenance for TCO reduction

Open architecture

IM recording Solution works fine for multiple location companies. The solutions may be  configured to record, live monitor and archive customer interactions from any site and then provide search functions either locally, via LAN,  through intranets or over the Internet. The system uses a distributed recording mode to connect multiple recording platforms, departments or locations, and it automatically transfers the data to a central platform for online access.

Capture what matters
Recording can be initiated by pre-defined rules, at the push of a button or in bulk in order to verify transactions or to meet compliance requirements. Calls can also be saved as wav files and sent by email.

IM Multimedia Interaction  Recorder


Record Management
The back-office and front-end management tool is a web based application. The core component of the Record Manager is the database which is made up of two main parts to improve system performance:


  • Online-DB, is the component where the data flows are stored in a first phase, acting like a buffer for the Archive-DB. Agents and operators willing to open records recently stored may access this DB part.
  • Archive-DB, is the component that stores data flows after the buffering period. Agents and operators have a common view in terms of application web tool.
  • A data mining engine based on NLU, Natural Language Understanding technology, can be used to implement functions aimed to keywords search on the DB.

Financial Compliance Solutions
Being able to log, monitor and manage financial interactions is not only a matter of financial compliance for Financial Institutions, but also of verification and liability. The sensitive nature of their daily financial activities exposes these organizations to a unique risk, one that is avoided with financial compliance call logging.

It’s easy to find calls of interest quickly and  efficiently in order to verify information, resolve disputes and instantaneously confirm transactions.

Future-proof investment
IM recording Solutions are especially designed to ensure business continuity. Its operating system creates a stable working environment ideal for mission-critical applications. The system‘s mirrored and hot-swap hard disks as well as a redundant power supply ensure fail-safe operation and guarantee data security.
Built-in scalability and modular architecture provide a future-proof investment and let users purchase only what they need.


Public Safety Solutions
Public safety call recording has to be reliable, accurate and efficient. All elements of a public safety organization's mission are critical, and calls are crucial from initial contact through to the dispatch of personnel, equipment and/or raw material. To best track and analyze interactions and events, IM can guarantee superior, personal support and customized public safety compliance systems to fit the required needs. IM public safety call monitoring solutions ensure secure evidence handling and sharing through incident management systems, boast resiliency and interoperability, and can reconstruct entire scenarios from multimedia sources (screen capture, text messages, cell phone videos, etc.), ultimately facilitating the secure and traceable sharing of information.


Live keywords extraction from call

The aim of this call is to give a vision of how our solution can extract keywords and concepts from a live call and push information to a call-center agent or directly to the caller

Web video agent

Give to users access to INPS data using different channels, integrating many input channels (web, voice, web services)


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