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Virtual Agent Alice


IM.Alice, Interactive Media Virtual Agent, works as the front-end of an existing PABX or Contact Center to route callers to required extensions. It’s quick, faster than a traditional human or automated operator, reduces queue time and call duration, streamlines resource usage.

Virtual  Agent Alice - Automated Attendant


IM.Alice is an advanced Virtual Agent for auto attendant applications integrating VoIP or hosted PBX system features; it can be configured to accept incoming calls and route these calls to designated company staff or employees by name, department, location, job function. The application uses the latest speech technologies (TTS and ASR) and is configurable with personalized business greetings (customers, prospects, suppliers, ...) or even to reach easily colleagues. IM.Alice welcomes the incoming call with a “How May I Help”-style prompt and the caller can speak with her/his own words and pace to find and reach the person she/he needs to talk to. IM.Alice, using Natural Language Understanding allows the computer to understand the caller and not vice-versa as it happens with traditional IVR applications. It is important to note that IM.Alice is designed as an application acting as a layer of intelligence on top of the speech engine in order to deliver accurate results and an effective user experience. IM.Alice users are served by a well-structured dialogue where they know what they are supposed to say and which commands to give by the style of the questioning.


The Solution can also work as a “personal attendant” for all the company employees; in fact IM.Alice can be used to reach through vocal commands a colleague, a detail in the personal address book or to call any fixed or mobile number. IM.Alice is based on IM.Meltemi SDP, the powerful, multichannel, multimodal Service Delivery Platform entirely designed and developed by Interactive Media.


For most businesses, image plays a major role in how they deal with their customers and this starts when a prospect calls the business' contact number. Typically a busy tone or a lengthy wait to get in touch with a receptionist leaves a sour taste in a customer's mouth.


With IM.Alice, all incoming callers are assured a quick and professional 24/7 answer. Guiding callers to the required person or department mitigates any bottleneck effect. This has a positive impact on any prospect and customer of the business organization.

Implementing IM.Alice in a small or large business brings benefits in improving calls management (cut costs, increase quality). IM.Alice comes with a wide range of powerful call management features, including find-me, follow-me and call forwarding to route business calls from the official numbers to alternate phone numbers; moreover, the multichannel features of the IM.Meltemi platform allow functions like voice mail, fax send/receive, fax to email, personalized greetings, music on hold, and more.



Since IM.Alice is a 24/7 Virtual Agent, the callers can access businesses anytime, anywhere. These virtual receptionists never take a break; and so, the business should never worry about losing even a single call.


Callers navigate the application using the natural language with friendly and clear prompts.

IM.Alice, Enterprise Attendant:


  • A customer can ask for information about the company (opening time, address, etc.), for an employee or a department, a store location, a product information.
  • Before routing the call to a live person, IM.Alice prompts the caller to tell her/his name and the person, listening to the name/topic, can decide to accept or decline the call. In the second case the caller can leave a voice mail message that Alice will send to the person’s mailbox.
  • Free, busy and no-answer cases are managed with the possibility to configure properly the decision behavior. The employee presence state is also managed with the possibility to forward the call to other numbers or voice mailbox.

IM.Alice, Personal Attendant:


  • Employees can listen to and manage all the voice mail messages and make decisions like recall the caller.
  • IM.Alice helps to automatically find information like email addresses or numbers in the business/personal address book and call the contact’s mobile, office or home phone.
  • Employees can set their presence state and configure the proper forwarding to another contact point or number.
  • IM.Alice can assist employees placing outbound calls to number not included in the address book just speaking the proper digits.



  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Public Administration
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • IT & Telco




Bicocca University, Milan (Italy).

IM.Alice supports students and external callers to contact directly specific University departments, professors and employees. The IM.Alice address book and contacts are daily synchronized and updated with the central University directory.

INPS, National Institute for Pensions.

IM.Alice supports Italian citizens to easily contact the 33.000+ employees and departments located throughout the country. The auto attendant application is part of the INPS Voice Portal implementation within the IPCC supplied by Interactive Media.


Live keywords extraction from call

The aim of this call is to give a vision of how our solution can extract keywords and concepts from a live call and push information to a call-center agent or directly to the caller

Web video agent

Give to users access to INPS data using different channels, integrating many input channels (web, voice, web services)


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