A technology that lets machines understand human voice or written text, available on phones and the web. Ask us how IM Virtual Agents powered by NLU can improve customer experience.

Voice Portal

The Interactive Media (IM) Video Voice Portal is a modular and scalable solution to enable the creation of an Interactive Portal using a simple, intuitive editor to configure services. Thanks to the effective, process oriented interface, IM Video Voice Portal is the right solution for in-house as well as ASP implementations.


Speech technologies, ASR – speech recognition – and TTS – text to speech, as well as speaker verification, are fully integrated to allow the design of high-profile, value added services, including sophisticated transactional and payment solutions, even using natural language recognition.


Video Integration enables services using both recorded and live video sources (clips, webcam, TV channels). Management of mobile and wireline videophones is granted by the embedded video platform, without requiring any specific software on the terminal.


Speech and video technologies are integrated to allow the development of multimodal interactive services, combining the benefits of the two technologies in flexible, context-oriented user interfaces.



Modular configuration (8 or 30 ports step), speech technologies integrated in the same platform with single or multi server implementation. Easy integration with backoffice and other IT systems for data exchange and process interoperation.

Flexible and configurable services customized to specific functional and operational requirements.



Video Voice Portal is an additional communication channel, coexisting and eventually integrated with the web enterprise portal, allowing re-use of existing web processes.

Improves information access.

Services are available 24/7.

Improves customer relationship and satisfaction.

IM solution provides the capability to build services using other phone related channels like fax, SMS, email:

Integrates with other IM solutions (Alice, Video, …)

Improves company overall organizational efficiency:

Multichannel integration with single point of implementation maintenance.


Live keywords extraction from call

The aim of this call is to give a vision of how our solution can extract keywords and concepts from a live call and push information to a call-center agent or directly to the caller

Web video agent

Give to users access to INPS data using different channels, integrating many input channels (web, voice, web services)


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